Credit card: What it is, how it works and how to pay it?

Credit cards are the most popular type of financial product that exists. But that does not mean that all people know how to put it to good use and make the most of it. Throughout this article we will explain everything about what a credit card is and how it works. This information will help […]

Are you afraid of execution? This will not entertain you

Those who do not pay their debts will first contact creditors, then quite possibly collection agencies, then courts or arbitrators and finally it will be the executor. There are still enough people in the distraint. This shows that execution is still a major problem. The execution may be linked to the blocking of the account, […]

Millennials: Recommendations to apply for your first loan

According to a Data-Experian study, 44% of Colombians request their first loan between 18 and 25 years. Of these, many do so by requesting a credit for a cell phone, while others request a card or microcredit. Something that should be recognized is that in many cases Young people do not have sufficient experience or […]

What are the requirements to request a loan

  Before applying for a loan you must know what the basic requirements are. You will save time and avoid problems. Mike will summarize the general requirements for requesting a loan and then those that are requested for the most common types of credit. The requirements in general are usually the following: Personal Documents: Identity […]