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Best Rated Wireless Dog Fences

wireless dog fence

These are top invisible and electric fences used in containing pets. Many companies are specialized in making friendly pet tech products. These products can be set up easily. This has allowed pet owners to build fences that adhere to the exact shape of their yard. They feature a transmitter that is used in defining boundaries. A collar is placed around the dogs’ neck. This is the device that alerts the pet whenever it is approaching its boundaries. It works by applying a static correction that surprises the dog.

WOLF WILL Wireless Dog Fence Pet Containment System

This is a portable wireless fence, and you can easily bring it to any place that you are visiting. It is easy to install. It has an easy coding between its receiver and transmitter. Also, it has a high level of intensity. With this fence, the owner can set his or her range (500 meters maximum and 20 meters minimum) as per his or her needs.

PetSafe Wireless Containment System

It uses a transmitter and a slip collar in controlling the dog’s movement. The collar is slipped onto the dog thereby allowing her to play freely. Its collar is waterproof, and it has a high level of static correction. Your dog will receive a beep whenever it approaches the boundaries set by the transmitter. Training your dog will help it in knowing and identifying its boundaries. Its sep up time takes about two hours.

PetSafe Stay + Play WireLess fence

dog with a wireless receiver

It has a sleek design, and it can be installed easily. It has been proven to be very helpful and effective in establishing a circular perimeter in which the pet can play and run. It features a transmitter that is useful in adjusting the wireless signals. This signal can also be used in training your pet to its boundaries. It can cover a diameter of up to 210 feet (0.75 acres). Besides, it is extremely portable.


PetSafe PIFOO-13651

This is another advanced product that allows the user to adjust their perimeter to a convenient shape. PetSafe Company makes it. It is well designed in such a way that it cannot interfere with your neighbour’s pet boundaries or any other wireless signals. This has made it one of the most popular choices, especially for the built-up areas. It can be used to cover a perimeter of up to 0.5 acres thereby allowing your dogs to play or roam freely.…

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